Save Money on Meat in 1920 Part 2

Owensville Gasconade County Republican, Owensville, Missouri May 28, 1920, page 10


Here is a real thrift recipe for a tasty, nutritious dish prepared from less costly meat. It is issued by the Division of Women’s Activities, Department of Justice. Use this recipe and save money on meat.

Chuck Steak with Onions

  • 2 pounds chuck steak
  • 5 or 6 onions
  • salt
  • butter or butter substitute

Slice onions in water. Drain thoroughly. Place onions in a shallow saucepan, cover closely and cook over a slow fire for 15 or 20 minutes till tender. Use no water or fat, as the onions contain both moisture and richness. When the onions are done, uncover and brown slightly if preferred, but they are more digestible without browning. Heat a frying pan smoking hot, and brown the steak quickly on both sides; reduce the heat and turn the meat frequently until it is cooked through. Season the steak and salt the onions. Serve the meat on a platter with onions around it. Add butter if desired.

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