Rice Croquettes and Dishes are Easily Prepared in 1920

Muscatine Journal And News Tribute, Muscatine, Iowa June 11, 1920, page 6

Several rice recipe combinations, among them rice croquettes, rice, surprise and Spanish rice that are easily prepared have been submitted to the Journal. The following are included.

Rice Croquettes

Cook one-half cup of rice until soft, stirring vigorously to break grains. Measure and add an equal part of cold cooked beef finely ground. Season with one teaspoon salt, one teaspoon lemon juice and white pepper to taste. Let mixture cool, form into croquettes, roll in sifted cracker crumbs, dip into beaten egg, again roll in cracker crumbs and fry in deep fat. Serve with or without white sauce.

White sauce – Melt two tablespoons butter in pan. Add two tablespoons flour to butter. Stir in one cup milk slowly adding to mixture. Cook until thick. Flavor to suit taste with salt and pepper.

Rice Surprise

Prepare rice as usual, boiling product until tender in milk and adding flavoring to taste. Add the well beaten yolk of an egg to give color; then cool. When the rice is quite cool and thick line buttered moulds with it and fill the center of each with a spoonful of stewed fruit, cocoanut, jelly or raisins and cover the top with rice. Unmould and serve with fruit juice or cream.

Spanish Rice

One cup rice, one cup chopped one, one tablespoon chili pepper, one can tomatoes, one tablespoon butter.

Wash the rice in two waters, add the tomato, onion, butter and chili pepper. Cook for some time on top of stove in double boiler then put in oven and bake. Cold meat left over may be chopped fine and added to the rice if preferred. Hamburger steak may also be used.

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