Baked Mushrooms & Stuffed Green Peppers in 1920

Boston Sunday Globe, Boston, Massachusetts May 16, 1920, page 95

Baked Mushrooms

Peel some large mushrooms and cut off their stems; butter a shallow baking dish, put in a layer of mushrooms with the under side up, dot with bits of butter and add a second layer of mushrooms and season as before; cover closely and bake in a quick oven until tender; serve with melted butter sauce. – No Name.

Stuffed Green Peppers

Select long green peppers, cut in halves lengthwise, remove the seeds and fill with grapefruit pulp, celery and apple, cut fine and add pecan nut meats broken in pieces, using half as much each of celery and apple as of grapefruit, and allowing three nut meats in each case. Arrange on lettuce leaves and garnish with mayonnaise dressing. – Name Lost.

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