Some Good Recipes in 1920

Great Falls Daily Tribune, Great Falls, Montana July 25 1920, page 23

Pretty Polly picked a peck of pickle peppers; A peck of pickle peppers pretty Polly picked; If pretty Polly picked? Where’s the peck of pickle peppers pretty Polly picked? Where’s the peck of pickle peppers pretty Polly picked? That’s easily answered for Polly picked the peppers, placed them in jars and now they sit in the dark wine cellar, where foreign bottles used to be. Here are some of the recipes which pretty Polly used:


  • 7 lbs sweet red peppers
  • 4 lbs sugar
  • 1 pint vinegar

Cut off stems, remove seeds, lay all night in weak salt water. Next morning cut in narrow strips. To sugar add 1 cup of water; when boiling put in peppers, cook until syrup is thick and peppers look clear. Then pour on vinegar and boil a few minutes; seal in small bottles or jars. These keep indefinitely when opened.

Stuffed Cucumbers

Take good sized cucumbers, lay them in rather strong brine for nine days. Take out of brine, split down one side, scrape out seeds and soak in clear water until fresh enough. It usually requires about thirty-six hours. The first twelve hours in clear water, then twelve hours in alum water, and the last twelve in clear water. Wipe them dry and stuff them with sliced fresh lemons, raisins and two or three cloves; tie together with string. Lay them in jar and make a syrup of 1 pound sugar and 1 pint vinegar, to every 2 pints of cucumbers, use stick of cinnamon and whole mace to taste. Pour this boiling hot over the cucumbers and repeat for nine or ten consecutive days. It may be that a little more syrup will be needed to cover them well.

Sweet Spanish Pickle

  • 2 cabbages moderate size
  • 3 dz green tomatoes
  • 2 dz small cucumber pickles
  • 8 small green peppers

Cut the cabbages in small pieces, the tomatoes in three pieces and cucumbers in half-inch pieces; sprinkle with salt and let stand overnight, except the cucumber pickles, which need only to be put in spiced vinegar. In the morning drain and scald with weak vinegar. The cabbages require a little longer cooking. Throw this vinegar away and cover with the following mixture:

Three and one-half pints vinegar, 4 pounds light brown sugar, 1 teaspoon each white mustard and celery seed, some tumeric and ground cinnamon, mixed with a little cold vinegar, also 1 or 2 lemons sliced. Boil this until it begins to get thick and pour while hot over vegetables. Add a handful of seedless raisins.

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