Salads, Some Old, Some New in 1920

Bloomington Evening World, Bloomington, Indiana June 26 1920, page 2

For any other meal except breakfast salads are a welcome part of any menu.

Vegetable Salad

Chop four large cucumbers, one small onion and two tablespoonfuls of parsley, mix well, with mayonnaise and stuff tomatoes with the mixture thus prepared.

Brunswick Salad

To one and one-half cupfuls of finely cut celery add one cupful of shredded cabbage and one cupful of nut meats. Moisten with

Boiled Dressing

Beat into the yolks of seven eggs four tablespoonfuls of olive oil, then add one-half cupful of melted butter, the juice of one lemon, three teaspoonfuls of salt, one-half cupful of vinegar, one tablespoonful of sugar mixed with one-half teaspoonful of mustard. Cook all together until mixture coats the spoon.

Potato Salad

Slice all of the following ingredients thin: Three small cucumbers, three stalks of celery, ten small boiled potatoes, four hard cooked eggs. Arrange in layers, sprinkling each layer with minced onion. Pour over the above boiled dressing and let stand to season.

Pineapple Salad

Mix pineapple, diced, with equal parts of diced celery, with equal parts of diced celery and half the quantity of blanched and shredded almonds. Serve in nests of head lettuce with mayonnaise dressing served in the shell of a small pineapple, garnished with perfect leaves taken from the top.

Cheese Balls

Take Neufchatel or any cream cheese, add cream, chopped chives and blanched almonds with little chopped pepper. Make into small balls, arrange on lettuce and serve with boiled dressing or mayonnaise.

Berkshire Salad

Mix two cupfuls of cold riced potatoes with one cupful of peach meats cut into bits. Marinate with French dressing and serve in a mound of watercress and garnish with halves of pecans.

Serve overlapping slices of tomato and cucumber, sprinkled with chopped onion. Serve with French dressing.

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