Tempting Plate of Sandwiches Make Good Hot Day Luncheon in 1920

Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, New York July 18, 1920, page 132 When the days are overwhelmingly hot why not try a tempting plate of sandwiches to satisfy the family? Here is an All-Syracuse menu which combines a variety of fillings and dessert that is bound to please: Sliced Tomato Sandwich Slice tomatoes thin and then cutContinue reading “Tempting Plate of Sandwiches Make Good Hot Day Luncheon in 1920”

Chocolate Pie in 1920

Boston Evening Globe, Boston, Massachusetts May 18, 1920, page 15 Dear Rita – I tried your recipe for deviled cake and it is fine. Have had splendid luck every time I have made it, and I wish to express my thanks. If you care for chocolate, perhaps you will like my chocolate pie recipe: 1Continue reading “Chocolate Pie in 1920”