Dishes with Chili in 1920

Kirklin Press, Kirklin, Indiana June 24, 1920, page 10

For all who like peppery dishes the following will be appreciated:

Mexican Hash

Take one half pound of boiled beef chopped fine, one tomato and two cloves of garlic, also chopped fine. Cook the tomato and garlic in a little fat for a few minutes, then add the meat and one-half teaspoonful of chili powder, one onion chopped fine, salt and pepper to taste. Then add the broth in which the meat was cooked and cook for twenty minutes.

Bolied Ham

Cover the ham with water and let it come to a boil. Add half a cupful of brown sugar, one teaspoonful of chili powder and set back to simmer for three hours, then remove the skin. Put the ham in a roasting pan, cover with bread crumbs, stick in it a few cloves and sprinkle with chili powder. Put into a hot over to brown.

Tripe Mexican Style

Put tripe to cook in boiling water until tender. Add one clove of garlic, chopped fine, two tablespoonfuls of chili powder and one can of hominy. Stir and let cook until well done. Serve hot.

Kidney With Chili

Cut up the kidney into small pieces. Add one onion cut fine, put the kidney and onion into a saucepan with hot fat and let them fry. Add salt and pepper, one bay leaf, two tablespoonfuls of chili powder and a little flour. When smooth set in broth or hot water for a sauce, with a dash of vinegar.

Carne de Olla

Brown three or four pounds of rump roast in two or three tablespoonfuls of lard, then add a teaspoonful of salt, pepper to taste, two tablespoonfuls of chili powder and one bay leaf. Put all into a casserole with a half cupful each of carrot, turnip, and one onion with three stalks of celery, all cut in bits. Then add two cupfuls of soup stock or water. Cover and cook in a moderate oven three hours. A sauce may be made with the liquor in the pan. Add flour and chili powder to thicken and season.

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